must always be neutral territory
So you want to take charge of your own (artistic) development, untrammelled by conventions? Then you have come to the right place.

We may live in an age of passive entertainment, but that is not how we do things here. We guide children through their own creative process along a variety of paths, encouraging them to be aware of their own impulses and needs, helping them through play to explore themselves, others and the group. The focus is on their own personal skills and on social skills.

This is about discovering ourselves and each other in new ways and without prejudice, about letting surprises happen, about being in touch with ourselves and expressing what we want, but also about respect for boundaries and exploring a new common language which seeks above all to enhance the quality of our relationships.

Children and teenagers need time off from official curricula, facing the blackboard, taking tests. They need to put aside those everyday routines and the pressure to achieve, and devote some time to their intuitions and observations, to experimenting, creativity, and the personal development that builds on independent thought, innovation, commitment and above all imagination.

This is a partnership with paper, pencils and paints. They help children big and small to see who they are, and these creative experiences become a source of beneficial development.


When children are immersed in their play and taking pleasure in what they do, it is essential that we as adults allow our children to learn free of our own beliefs and prejudgment. We should let them freely express themselves, but we should simply make sure they have the right framework to pursue their spontaneous interests. Open mindedness in life and thought.

Children don’t need to be told these things. With their unadulterated senses and their characteristic curiosity, they are perfectly good at creating things.

They watch others, test things out, mess around, produce nonsense, add humour, and stick to their own way in this world of fantasy.

We will have a lot of fun together and we will feel the artistic momentum gathering. It can be such an important resource for the rest of a person’s life.

Creative power drives individual development. It is a treasure chest that stays with you for life.

Time to flex your emotional muscles and ground yourself more firmly. As the life forces flow, our job is to strengthen people’s awareness of their own skills in this creative process.

The creative arts are another way you can help your child forge a stable personality capable of expressing itself with confidence. If they take pleasure in relating to others and can do so without being judgmental, we know they are developing well.